The Dangers of the Comfort Zone

Before you all go checking for my credentials as a minister, let me give you a brief disclaimer by saying that I am not, BUT I’d like everyone to crack open that dusty Bible that Grandma gave you as a gift in 1998, and turn the pages to 2 Kings Chapter 7 verse 3-4 (King James Version). For the sake of your reading convenience and my lack of a Theological background, we’ll paraphrase the one question that also happens to be one of the most quoted scriptures in the Bible:

“Why sit we here until we die?”

It’s common knowledge that the Bible is interpreted in countless ways, which makes sense, since there are billions of people on this planet with billions of different perspectives. Here’s my take on this profound question. To me, the question represented a person who had a moment of truth, and was ready to get out of one of the most dangerous places in the world, and life in general…THE COMFORT ZONE.

I have been there, as I’m quite sure that many of you have been as well. There’s no rocket science to this explanation. The comfort zone is deadly because it gives people the illusion that everything is perfectly honky dory in their own little space on the planet when in reality the world and their lives are passing them by. That comfortable space could represent a number of detrimental forces. One such detrimental force could be a person who talks themselves out of pursuing another career field that they’re more passionate about, because they feel as if it’s unattainable. This often happens to people who have this mindset, especially when they’re holding down a job, no matter how much they despise that job, because they feel that as long as they continue to receive a certain amount of income, then they don’t want to shake things up by going after what it is they really love to do. As a result of staying at that unsatisfactory gig, their window for taking advantage of other opportunities often closes shut, which is very unfortunate.

Because of our imperfect nature as humans, I’m quite sure that even the most progressive and productive people get stuck in the comfort zone from time to time, but what separates them from the masses is the fact that they don’t stay there long. Should you ever find yourself getting too comfortable doing something that you don’t benefit from, then that means you’ve outgrown it.

No pain, no gain. Pain is discomfort. Pain is growth. Growth is evolution. Evolution is progress. Progress is the avenue to greatness.

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